Things to do in Panama

Panama is a dynamic and culturally diverse nation well-known as the “Hub of the Americas.” Panama’s geographical location is strategically located between North and South America, has a dollar-based economy, stable democratic government, robust economy and a business-friendly atmosphere all making Panama an ideal location for this exciting agricultural event.


Panama Canal

They have recently expanded the Panama Canal and it has opened in 2016. Here is a time-lapse of the expansion.


Traditional Panamanian food, usually involves meat or seafood with coconut rice, and meals are often accompanied by fresh fruits and local vegetables, including yucca (a root vegetable in the potato family). The food available in Panama City, however, is just as diverse as the people who live in and travel through the area.

Many restaurants serve food that is a combination of Latin American, African, Caribbean and European cultures. Seafood restaurants are also plentiful due to Panama’s many coasts. A few of the most popular Panamanian restaurants include El Trapiche, Restaurante El Caribe, and Tantalo Kitchen. Seafood lovers are advised to visit Mercado de Mariscos, the fresh, local seafood market. You can also find many Mexican, Peruvian and Asian-style restaurants there.



Panama City is known far and wide for its vibrant nightlife. Pubs, sports bars, night clubs and more are all within walking distance from your Panama City hotel.

A few of the most well-known nightclubs in Panama City are Habana Panama (a salsa dance club), Altabar VIP (a two-story dance hall), and Cielo (a chic, rooftop bar with a swimming pool).

La Rana Dorada serves domestic and international brews, mixed drinks, and its own microbrew. The Istmo Brew Pub is a popular sports bar, and if you want a bit of history or culture with your drink check out Las Bovedas, as it’s set in a 300-year old dungeon and features art, jazz music, and gourmet French cuisine.


Local Nature, Culture and History

The Panama Canal is not only an international business hub; it also serves as a rainforest and is teeming with wildlife for visitors to enjoy. Museums in Panama City include Panama Viejo and Biomuseo, the biodiversity museum. The Metropolitan National Park is also a popular tourist destination.

You can reach the beach from your Panama City hotel room in approximately 15 minutes. The best beaches as judged by locals and visitors are, in no particular order:
• Coronado and Goronga (high-quality beach towns often chosen as places to retire by expats)
• Las Tablas (pristine, undisturbed beaches)
• Azuero (undisturbed, clean beaches where you can snorkel or just relax)