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Building on the resounding success of the ICCEA 2015, the 348 attendees and 27 Exhibitors completely surpassed the goals set up by the organizing committee.

We are expecting over 600 Attendees and 60 Exhibitors at ICCEA 2017.

At the ICCEA 2015, we witnessed first-hand the overwhelming, positive remarks from attendees and exhibitors.

Most assuredly, the ICCEA 2017 will surpass all expectations!


Testimonials from ICCEA 2015

“Last year I participated in the ICCEA in Panama. At the venue I was astounded by the amount of knowledgeable and interesting people attending as well as presenting… The breaks also proved to be very valuable in discussing the presentations and business opportunities as well as the small exposition added extra value. A “must-go” next year, that is for sure.”

— Jan Westra, Strategic Business Developer, Priva

“For Heliospectra, the 2015 ICCEA event was really important from both the perspective of Heliospectra having the opportunity to share our knowledge with the audience and also from a networking point of view. We managed to connect with people and companies who later became key customers for us.”

— Ruben Gonzalez, Online Sales & Marketing Associate, Heliospectra

“The ICCEA 2015 featured a wide range of leading academics with expertise in controlled environment agriculture as well as growers and industry leaders with practical experience growing crops indoors. I found the presentations and subsequent discussions to be informative and stimulating and hope to participate in the 2017 meeting.”

—Dr. Erik Runkle, Professor/Floriculture Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

“It was a special privilege to participate in the 2015 ICCEA. The information presented during the 3 day event was cutting edge and diverse. An incredible lineup of international speakers covered topics ranging from robotics to financing new CEA businesses. Producers provided “how-to” information directly applicable to a variety of leafy crops. Researchers shared their latest discoveries and provided a glimpse into the future. The quality of the program was matched by the outstanding hospitality of our Panamanian hosts. Can’t wait for May, 2017!”  

— Dr. Don Wilkerson, Senior Horticulturist, iBio CMO

“ICCEA 2015 was one of the best values for time and money I have experienced in my 40+ years in global horticulture. For an inaugural event that is almost unheard of. The venue, speakers, and program content were well above average which probably explains why there was such a diverse and relevant attendance making networking opportunities outstanding. I’m anxiously looking forward to ICCEA 2017!”

— Ron Cramer, Project Development Manager  |  Xiant Technologies



Media Partner Proposal

Media Credentials

The FDCEA invites accredited media working for relevant news outlets including magazines, newspapers, television, cable and radio to partner with the FDCEA to cover the ICCEA 2017 event. We also welcome writers, editors and bloggers for reputable websites (see Electronic Media Proposal below).

The Organizing Committee proposes the following Media Partnership for the ICCEA 2017 Conference in Panama, May 17 th , 18 th and 19 th 2017.

The Print Media Partner will provide:

  • 4 – Half Page Ads
  • 2 – Full Page Ads
  • 4 – eBlasts to your readership
  • 6 Digital ads on your magazine’s website
  • Pre-coverage of the event and interviews with speakers about the latest CEA technology
  • Digital-only articles related to the event as information becomes available
  • Podcast Interviews with speakers and/or event organizers regarding the event/topics
  • Post-coverage: Wrap-up article and photos to be published in print and online


ICCEA 2017 will provide the Print Media Partner:

  • Magazine distribution at the 2017 event to be placed in event tote bag
  • Logo and details of your company embedded within the Conference App
  • Logo on the event website as Media Partner
  • Logo on several of the promotional materials
  • Logo strategically placed in the conference and exhibition area
  • Waived registration fees: Includes 2 registration fees for conference attendance, exhibition area, lunch and coffee breaks (all three days of conference), the Gala and Innovations Awards Dinner and the final day closing cocktails
  • Designated media room to interview speakers, government officials, event organizers and attendees
  • An exclusive tour of the history-making, internationally renowned Panama Canal to view first-hand the new “Third Set of Locks”


Electronic Media Partnership

Writers, Editors and Bloggers

To be eligible for media credentials at the ICCEA 2017, blogs and websites must contain original, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions. Sites must be updated weekly. All websites and blogs must currently operating (for at least six months) and receive at least 20,000 unique site visitors per month. Applicants must submit traffic data from a third-party source for consideration. In accepting press credentials, website editors and bloggers agree to provide the ICCEA 2017 the following:

The Electronic Media Partner will provide:

  • 4 – Ads/Banners on the ICCEA 2017
  • 2 – Articles on Key-Note Speakers
  • 6 – eBlasts to your readership
  • Event pre-coverage of the event and interviews with speakers regarding the latest CEA technology
  • Articles related to the event as information becomes available
  • Event post-coverage: Wrap-up article and photos to be published online

Within 30 days of publication, a web link with at least two (2) articles published prior to April 1, 2017 containing relevant information on the ICCEA 2017.

ICCEA 2017 will provide the Electronic Media Partner:

  • Waived registration fees: Includes 1 registration fee for conference attendance, exhibition area, lunch and coffee breaks (all three days of conference), the Gala and Innovations Awards Dinner and the final day closing cocktails.
  • Designated media room to interview speakers, government officials, event organizers and attendees.

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us!