International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture

Nov  06–08, 2019
 Panamá City, Panamá

This third event of its kind, the ICCEA 2019 will continue to be the place to engage, learn and apply the foundations of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) for greenhouse and vertical farm owners and operators.

Some of the Exiting Topics will include:

  • Growing Crops: Strawberries, leafy greens, micro greens, and
  • The biggest costs facing farms: Labor, climate and illumination
  • Issues creating the most confusion: Water, nutrients, pest management and air flow.
  • Economic Models: How to financially manage your operation and seek

ICCEA 2019 will focus on:

    • Understanding Technology Used in Producing Greenhouse and Vertically Farmed Produce
    • Understanding Nutrients used in Hydroponics
    • Learning the latest research available on controlled environment crops
    • How LED Grow Lights impact photosynthesis and plant growth
    • Learning new production techniques
    • Managing Your CEA Business
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Blockchain
  • and more!

The many benefits of the ICCEA 2019 include:

    • Meet and network with like-minded professionals and industry experts from around the world.
    • Learn the latest in CEA advancements, Ag Tech and growing techniques while acquiring in-depth knowledge on the growing of specific products and crops.
    • Meet with academics, inventors, innovators, investors, manufacturers and suppliers providing the latest in technology and innovation.
    • Attend the culturally exciting Gala and Innovations Awards Dinner.
  • The ICCEA 2019 is an event where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the applied fields of science, horticulture, lighting, robotics and engineering, from some of the most prestigious universities including Chiba University (Japan), the University of Arizona, Cornell, Michigan State University, Wageningen University (Holland) and many others including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The FDCEA seeks to make CEA, whether greenhouse or vertical farms, the answer to the future of agriculture with a primary focus on the creation of sustainable and profitable agriculture businesses.

Building on the resounding success of the ICCEA 2015 and ICCEA 2017, the more than 700 attendees and 60 Exhibitors completely surpassed the goals set up by the organizing committee.

We are expecting over 500 Attendees and 40 Exhibitors at ICCEA 2019!

At the ICCEA 2015 and ICCEA 2017, we witnessed first-hand the overwhelming, positive remarks from attendees and exhibitors. Most assuredly, the ICCEA 2019 will surpass all expectations!

Come, join us and experience the excitement for yourself!